Cleaning Products - Australia Wide, Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2015, Winner of the Northern Territory Export Award for 2013/2014

When it comes to chemical cleaning products Shamrock carry a very comprehensive selection. We can supply you with all purpose cleaners, detergents, acid cleaners, disinfectants, air fresheners and odour counteractants, dishwashing and laundry liquids, carpet care and floor cleaners, chrome and stainless steel cleansers, furniture polish, solvents, stainless steel cleaners, auto cleaning products, degreasers and decarbonisers, toilet cleaners, glass and window cleaners, oven and grill cleaners and even anti-bacterial hand cleaner and skin care.

Shamrock has it all! Our janitorial accessory range includes everything from aprons, brooms, buckets, chamois, dust masks, first aid strips, gloves, mops, oven mitts, smokers trays, tea towels, trolleys, vacuum bags, through to window washers. If you’re looking for paper goods we can supply you with affordable solutions, from dispensers, hand sanitisers and wipes, disposable tableware, hand towel rolls, nappies and baby wipes, overalls, and all sizes of toilet rolls.

If you need machinery supplies, Shamrock can help with carpet extractors, hand dryers, floor scrubbers, shrink wrap and vacuum machines, steam machines, sweepers and a massive array of vacuum cleaners.